I am me.

Yesterday I had a much long over due lunch with a close friend from college. By overdue I mean it’s been over two years since we last saw each other. She was just about to travel to London for her masters degree and I was just about to have Em last I saw her. And now look at us. 

She’s coming back to the states now and I’m married with two babies and a dog. I can’t help but to think that I could have been her. I could have traveled. I could have gotten my masters degree. I could have pursued my dream job at the United Nations (picture an ambassador type woman like Emma Watson but I’d probably be less badass than her because she’s Emma Watson and she’s freaking amazing!). It really interesting to think of the direction my life could have gone and how different things could be. My friend was diving into textbooks and papers when I was plunging deep into into baby poop and spit up and all things glorious about sleepless nights and motherhood. It’s definitely not how I had envisioned things going when we graduated college. 

Seeing my friend really got me thinking about how I envision my life both now and in the future and how quickly these visions can change. Life happens in the most unexpected ways.

Here I am. So Content. Oh so tired. And oh so happy. I wouldn’t change a thing. This path that I am on is my own. I am a mother, a wife, an aspiring doula/ childbirth educator, a scientist. I am me. 

One thought on “I am me.

  1. Jess says:

    You are you! And the you that you are is amazingly beautiful. Your super inspiring and your an amazing mom, wife, and I know your going to be an amazing doula ❤❤.


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